Sweet Sandy, the Standard Doodle

Miss Sandy joined our family nine years ago.  We were on a quest to add another puppy to our family, but our miniature doodle - Penny, wouldn't have anything to do with the puppies we'd been hoping to take home.  I was on my last walk around SPCA when I spotted our sweet Sandy in a pen with three male doodles.  

It was our "Hail Mary"; the last chance the SPCA folks were giving our miniature doodle to pass the "friendship test" to get a sister.  It worked!  Out of a half dozen dogs, Penny decided she'd found her forever sister.  It was love at first site for all of us.

Sandy has been an angel since day one, and although she sometimes gets into mischief, she's been so much fun.  Tender-hearted and gentle, she's a play companion for our other family dogs.  

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