Halti Head Collar - 2

The patented halti head collar; designed by Dr. Roger Mugford; gives you total control when walking your dog. The soft nylon collar fits comfortably around its face without restricting the mouth. If the dog tries to pull or lunge forward; Halti transfers the forward motion into turning the head sideways. This immediately discourages the activity without any undue stress to the animal. Perfect for leash control training and as a permanent training collar for large or active dogs.

Note: See table below for sizing. Bitches and young dogs may need a size smaller.

Size Breed Examples
0 Miniature Dachshund; Papillon; Toy Poodle; Yorki
1 Border Terrier; Jack Russell; Cairn Terrier; Welsh Corgi; Standard Dachshund; Shelti; Westie; Whippet
2 Beagle; Border Collie; Cockers; Saluki; Schnauzer; Standard Poodle; Basenji; Welsh Terrier
3 Afghan; Airedale; Boxer; Briard; Chow Chow; Dalmatian; Doberman; Greyhound; German Shepherd; Husky; Labrador; Pointers; Retrievers; Setters; Springers; Weimaraner
4 Mastiff; Clumber Spaniel; Giant Schnauzer; Great Dane; Newfoundland; Ridgeback; Rottweiler
5 Bloodhound; Large Danes; Mastiffs; St. Bernard