Wedding Tuxedo
Wedding Tuxedo
Wedding Tuxedo
Wedding Tuxedo
Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo

Your dog will look dapper in this wonderful Tuxedo from  Well-tailored and fully lined, this tuxedo is perfect for weddings.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: 9 sizes can be chosen. XS S M L XL is for small L-S L-M L-L L-XL for medium-large dog

Please measure your dog's Bust size before ordering, then pick the correct size clothes on the "size chart" to fit for yours. 

Size Chart:

XS 7-9" length, 9.5-11" chest, 7.5-9" neck

S 8.5-10" length, 11-12.5" chest, 8.5-10" neck

M 9.5-11.5" length, 12.5-14" chest, 10-12" neck

L 11.5-13.5" length, 14-15.5" chest, 10-12" neck

XL 12.5-15" length, 15.5-17" chest, 11-13" neck

L-S 16-18.5" length, 22-24.5" chest, 13-15"neck

L-M 18-21" length, 23-26" chest, 13-15"neck

L-L 21.5-24" length, 26-30" chest, 14-16"neck

L-XL 24-28" length, 28-32" chest, 16-19"neck

The XS S Sizes Suitable for Cats and dog breed such as Chihuahua Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Toy Poodle.

The M L XL Sizes Suitable for Small Size Dog such as Poodle Schnauzer Shih Tzu Bichons Frises.

The L-XS L-S L-M L-L L-XL Sizes Suitable for Medium Large Size dogs such as Golden Retriever husky Samoyed Rough Collie Labrador Boston Terrier.